[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2]

Released date: 2007.02.16

Revision number: 1838

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2.dmg.zip


As was noted in the b9 release, registration codes are no longer required for GlowWorm FW Lite. Some guy called it, mickey mouse registration. Of course, he didn't make any mention of the fact that the program was free. Some people just can't be pleased. The registration process served its purpose and is no longer necessary.

Added kext and framework support for a new connected-socket based Statistics feature. This addition allows transfer information (bytes/packets in/out) to be aggregated on the basis of a particular rule. Thus instead of having a monitor that shows traffic for a particular port, one can define the scope of the monitor with all of the criteria available to a rule. Very handy. The Statistics feature is going to be part of a new product. As of this release, the feature is enabled for the first hour of use. More details can be found on the Statistics Module product page.

Added a new plugin, DataMonitor. This is the first plugin to use the Statistics feature, and this is also my first Quartz 2D project, so it is a little rough. But it works. The monitors are entirely pleasing to look at. More details can be found on the DataMonitor Plugin product page. Additionally, the DataMonitor plugin source code is available on the DataMonitor Plugin projects page.

Improved the efficiency of the DNS packet parsing code. Since this code runs for every incoming IP4 packet, it is important that it cease parsing the packet as early as possible if the packet is not a DNS packet.

Fixed an issue where the Auto Answer system for Authorization Alerts retained the remember settings for Application, Address and Port from the previous authorization, instead of explicitly forcing them all on.

Fixed several issues in the kext that might, under obscure circumstances, cause a kernel panic.


A significant amount of testing and debugging effort was necessary to achive this v1.5.2 release, and a great deal of that effort came from Paul (pschumann[at]mac.com), who tirelessly tested unstable kernel extension builds, and even did remote kernel debugging for us. Much thanks.


  • Added the new GlowWorm Statistics module for gathering and reporting transfer statistics.
  • Added the new DataMonitor plugin for visualizing information from GlowWorm Statistics.
  • Added new open-source project for DataMonitor.
  • Improved DNS packet parsing efficiency.
  • Fixed an Auto Answer issue where the "remember" settings for appl, addr and port were not being properly set.
  • Fixed several issues in the kext that might cause kernel panics.

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