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I had not previously heard of Softpedia, so it is fortuitous that they came across GlowWorm on their own. They have awarded it the Softpedia "100% CLEAN" award. Very prestigious, I think.... And here I was worried that I might have accidently riddled my program with spyware, adware and virii. Thankfully not. Gaze at it in all its glory.

We now sport an additional award - the SoftLandMark 5 Star award. Similarly prestigious to the above award, I suspect. Enjoy.

Finally! We are DoDownload.com approved! Who is DoDownload? That's an excellent question. I have no idea. And why did they decide to list a version of GlowWorm that is four months old? I also have no idea. I think they might be a quantity-over-quality organization. But I'm in no position to turn down recognition.

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