Data Monitor is a plugin for GlowWorm FW. Use of this plugin requires GlowWorm FW (not Lite) and the Statistics module. You can find more information about the extra features available in GlowWorm FW on the product page.

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Data Monitor [20070307-1 aka v1.5.3b3] Data Monitor [20070215-1 aka v1.5.2]

   [Build Instructions]

Additional build instructions coming soon.

To compile and link DataMonitor, you must have GlowWorm.framework installed at: /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/Frameworks/GlowWorm.framework .


The screenshot is more indicative of the fact that this is my first Quartz 2D project, than the capabilities of the Statistics module. Despite this, the plugin is background-draggable; scales the drawing when resized; fades in/out the textual information when the mouse enters/exits, respectively; shows total bytes/packets send/received for that monitor; dynamically scales display based on visible transfer high-point; and so forth.

What this plugin truly has going for it is the Statistics module that powers it. Unlike some firewall software that allows one to monitor traffic on the basis of a port number or perhaps an IP address, the full power of the Rules system is available for define the traffic that pertains to a given monitor. Read more about the Statistics module here.

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