[GlowWorm FW v1.0.11]

Released date: 2006.09.01

Revision number: 1472

Download link: GlowWorm FW Lite.dmg.zip


General improvement all around, plus a new feature: the rule editor will display the service names instead of the port numbers, optionally.

Update: This ended up being the last release of the 1.0.x branch. A multi-month over-haul began shortly afterwards and resulted in the 1.5.x branch.


  • Added an option for displaying service names (instead of port numbers) in the rules window.
  • Added a "match count" indicator in the rules window, for the current rule set. Simplified the wording of the various options in the authorization dialog.
  • Made the various text fields in the authorization dialog selectable (for copy-and-paste support).
  • Added some better error handling regarding loading the kernel extension.
  • Fixed a resizing issue with the xml serial window.

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