[GlowWorm FW Lite v1.0.10]

Released date: 2006.08.25

Revision number: 1451

Download link: Lost forever, unfortunately,


Thanks to someone with "funky" (ie, non-ascii) characters in his name, a bug was made evident that caused problems with startup and with the splash screen. It's all fixed now.

Reverse dns support is particularly handy if you don't happen to know the owner of a particular IP address. Of course, many IP address owners do not have DNS configured for reverse dns, or, even worse, it's a cryptic and unhelpful name. Either way, that cryptic and unhelpful information is now readily available to you in the authorization alert window.


  • Added support for reverse dns in the authorization alert window.
  • Fixed an issue where GlowWorm was not creating the proper directory structure when performing a self-repair.
  • Fixed an issue where non-ascii characters in registration names was causing problems.

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