GlowWorm.framework is the shared library containing the interface for all of the basic GlowWorm functionality - including, most importantly, communication with the kernel extension. All of the plugins bundled with GlowWorm FW are based on GlowWorm.framework. It is well tested, easy to use and utterly without documentation (for now). To get started, download the source code for the Application Monitor plugin which serves as a simple tutorial.

   [Source Code]

GlowWorm.framework [20070307-1 aka v1.5.3b3]
GlowWorm.framework [20070215-1 aka v1.5.2]
GlowWorm.framework [20070126-1 aka v1.5.2b3]


Additional instructions coming soon

To compile and link plugins against GlowWorm.framework, it must be installed at: /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/Frameworks/GlowWorm.framework.

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