Welcome to the GlowWorm developer website! This website contains information and documentation for people who want to write plugins and stand-alone applications that use the GlowWorm functionality. The basis for developing plugins and stand-alone applications is the GlowWorm.framework which comes as part of the GlowWorm FW distribution. More recent versions of GlowWorm.framework are possibly present here.

It is important to understand some basics about the GlowWorm system architecture. Full documentation is still forthcoming, but understand this: the limitations on functionality (ie, incoming vs outgoing socket connection support) is imposed by the kernel extension. If your plugin or stand-alone application uses functionality available only in the paid version of GlowWorm FW, then your users will also need the paid version of GlowWorm FW.


Creating the header documentation for GlowWorm.framework is ... time consuming. The most up-to-date documentation can always be found here. At this point the documentation is completely useless. The recommended approach is to download the Application Monitor plugin and learn from it.


The GlowWorm Dev forum exists to help answer any development related questions you might have. The list is open - anyone can read past messages and join. Only those who join may post messages (keeps spam down).


Application Monitor Plugin - The Application Monitor plugin is the first project for which I intend to distribute the source code. It should serve as a decent example of how to create a plugin from GlowWorm.app.

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