[StreamMonitor Plugin]

StreamMonitor is a plugin that comes bundled with GlowWorm FW although it is not accessible without the Packets Module - with the exception that all recent versions of GlowWorm FW enable Packets for the first hour of operation. StreamMonitor organizes and displays the socket data associated with the sockets that matched on the custom rules you defined. This is an great tool when designing your own network protocol, learning more about an existing network protocol or determining what information a given application is sending or receiving.

Using the RuleEditor plugin, one can define a rule and enable packets for that rule. For each such rule, a StreamMonitor window will be visible.

The source code for the StreamMonitor plugin will be available soon, here. The full functionality behind the StreamMonitor plugin is accessible to 3rd party plugins as long as the end user has a license for both GlowWorm FW and the Packets Module.

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