Stream Monitor is a plugin for GlowWorm FW. Use of this plugin requires GlowWorm FW (not Lite) and the Packets module. You can find more information about the extra features available in GlowWorm FW on the product page.

GlowWorm FW and GlowWorm FW Lite automatically enable the Packets features for the first hour of operation.

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Stream Monitor [20070307-1 aka v1.5.3b3]

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Additional build instructions coming soon.

To compile and link StreamMonitor, you must have GlowWorm.framework installed at: /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/Frameworks/GlowWorm.framework .


The StreamMonitor is a plugin that uses the Packet features of GlowWorm FW. StreamMonitor displays the data sent and received (color coded for easy identification) over all of the sockets that match the rule with Streaming enabled. The left-side table organizes this data by remote endpoit (ip address and port number), while the left side shows in three columns the data offset, hex values and ascii values. Each packet is preceeded by a header that shows the time the packet was sent or received, the size of the packet in decimal and hex, and the two endpoints (again, including the ip address and port number).

Read more about the Packets module here.

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