[DataMonitor Plugin]

DataMonitor is a plugin that comes bundled with GlowWorm FW although it is not accessible without the Statistics Module. DataMonitor displays an attractive, non-intrusive, translucent window showing the history transfer rate information for a statistics instance.

Using the RuleEditor plugin, one can define a rule and enable statistics for that rule. For each such rule, a DataMonitor window will be visible.

DataMonitor is Quartz 2D based. It is background-draggable, translucent, resizable, and features fade-in/fade-out of the textual information based on mouse in/out, respectively. Textual information includes bytes/packets sent/received in colors corresponding to the history graph.

The source code for the DataMonitor plugin is available here. The full functionality behind the DataMonitor plugin is accessible to 3rd party plugins as long as the end user has a license for both GlowWorm FW and the Statistics Module.

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