[Why use GlowWorm FW?]

Why should I use GlowWorm FW?

For information on why you should use a software firewall in the first place, please see this page.

GlowWorm FW provides features unrivaled in its price range. Every software firewall protects against outgoing connections, but GlowWorm FW also protects against incoming and listener connections. Why does this matter? Read on....

The Mac OS X built-in firewall is an all-or-nothing approach for a given service. Either you allow it for everyone, or you deny it for everyone. With GlowWorm FW you can limit incoming connections to those from a specific network or even a single computer.

The actual services pertaining to these incoming connections may very well have their own level of authentication to keep out unwanted guests, but GlowWorm FW protects you on the network level - which is important in case one of these services is ever the subject of a vulnerability. If an attacker is not even allowed to connect to the computer, then he will not be able to exploit a vulnerability at all.

Listener connections allow a program to receive incoming connections and GlowWorm FW regulates these as well.

   [Why buy GlowWorm FW?]

GlowWorm FW Lite is free. Why should I buy GlowWorm FW?

There are many, many additional features included in GlowWorm FW. Read on for descriptions of a select few of them.

Protects against incoming and listener connections. See Why use GlowWorm FW for additional details.

Supports many more rule options which allows for greater flexibility and control in defining rules. For instance, a rule can be limited to a specific user or group. This alows you to define rules which apply only to your kid's and a different set of rules that apply to you.

Rule Actions can display a customized alert dialog when a specific network event occurs.

Magic Lists ease the tedious task of defining strict rules to maximize security.

Application Monitor shows a real-time view of the applications on your computer that are connected to the Internet.

All of these features and many others are included when you purchase GlowWorm FW.

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