Why buy GlowWorm FW? If your computer was hacked and used as a node on a botnet to send spam, host illegal content or attack other computers, would you know? If you knew, could you fix it? Home firewalls help prevent hackers from directly attacking your computer. However, malicious web sites can be used to gain access to your computer by exploiting security vulnerabilities in your web browser, email client and other programs that you use to access the internet.

GlowWorm FW prevents applications from accessing the internet in ways that you have not explicitly allowed. Your email client can be restricted to your mail server. Your web browser can be restricted to the web sites that you visit. Rules can assigned to a particular user so that you can apply more restrictive settings for your children.

GlowWorm FW can prevent your computer from being useful to hackers while not being cumbersome to you. As you use GlowWorm FW and customize it to fit your needs you will find that it becomes less and less noticeable, while it continues to work in the background, protecting the security of your Mac.

Network security for your Mac. Peace of mind for you.

   [GlowWorm FW Lite - FREE]

GlowWorm FW Lite is feature rich and completely free. GlowWorm FW Lite can help you protect your security by allowing you to control which applications are allowed to send information onto the internet. A free registration code is required to use GlowWorm FW Lite, and can be obtained here. If you find GlowWorm FW Lite to be useful, please consider donating.

Requires Mac OS X 10.4.

  • Control outgoing connections
  • Define up to 100 rules
  • Limit the scope of a rule by specifying up to 5 TCP remote endpoints per rule
  • Limit the scope of a rule by attaching a single application per rule
  • Define rules for an application which expire when that application quits
  • Define rules which expire the next time your machine reboots
  • Audio alert notification of network connection activity
  • Kernel based rule evaluation for exceptional speed
  • Plug-in architecture to support third party features
  • System can automatically activate at boot time
  • Authorization alert dialog with geocoding and reverse dns support
  • Configurable auto-allow/deny for authorization alerts based on a timeout
  • Drag-and-drop rule re-ordering
  • Rule Editor shows match-count and last-match-date for each rule

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