[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2b9]

Released date: 2007.02.07

Revision number: 1819

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2b9.dmg.zip


The b8 fix regarding the internal inconsistencies caused by using Auto Answer Remember was only fixed for Allow instances; added the same fix for Deny.

There was a particularly annoying bug in the Connection table in the rule editor panel. If one did not tab-out of an edit, then the edit was not received by the ConnTableDataSource until the panel closed, which was after the changes to the rule were submitted to the kernel extension. Thus, the edit was then applied to the next rule that was edited, which was usually not desirable. The Connection table now explicitly loses the focus on Save.

Removed the need for a registration code for Lite users. The purpose has been achieved. That is, to collect contact information (at the user's preference) for Lite users so that they could be contacted when the commercial version was ready. Many 1000's of registrations later, the commercial version is available, so there is no longer a need to collect this information. Lite users will be greeted with a Welcome message encouraging them to try out the paid version, the first time they run it.


  • Fixed an issue where the state of the Remember switches was causing internal inconsistencies.
  • Removed the focus ring from the Application table in the rule editor panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Connection table was not receiving edits if one did not tab-out of the field.
  • Removed requirement for a registration code for Lite.
  • Fixed several redraw issues in Menubar.app where text was being written on top of text.
  • Removed some dependence on the NSDistributedNotificationCenter, which isn't intended for trusted communication.
  • Improved handling of incoming connections.
  • Fixed several issues in the kext that could cause kernel panics.

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