[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2b7]

Released date: 2007.02.03

Revision number: 1767

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2b7.dmg.zip


This release includes the first major improvements to the Rule Editor interface in a long time. Specifically, and for non-Lite users only, one can now re-size and re-order all of the columns. Additional columns are now available and accessible via a context menu which is activated by right-clicking in the table header (iTunes-style).

This release also includes the first cut of Magic [Black|White] Lists. This feature (or some improved version of it) should make the prospect of running a software firewall and configuring it with the strictest possible rules, a somewhat less daunting task. By enabling both the magic white and black lists for an Ask rule, two new and roughly identical rules are created, and placed immediately before the Ask rule. As you choose to Allow or Deny connections via the authorization dialog, those answers (for events pertaining to this Ask rule) are appended onto the black/white list rule so that you do not have to make the same decision twice. This can be crudely accomplished by simply enabling "Remember Forever..." for each authorization, but that would amount to an entirely unmanageable number of rules.

The obvious next-step for this feature is to support the inclusion of hostnames in the automatically appended criteria instead of relying on the (numerous) IP addresses. However, deducing the hostname that resolved to a given IP address isn't so easy. Some other time.


  • Additional work towards supporting FileOps.
  • Added support for re-ordering columns in Rule Editor.
  • Added support for re-sizing columns in Rule Editor.
  • Added support for including additional and hiding existing columns in Rule Editor, including in-line editing for some values.
  • Added support for horizontal resizing of the Rule Editor table window.
  • Added support for saving and restoring all Rule Editor window and column settings.
  • Fixed a drawing issue in Rule Editor that would manifest itself at startup.
  • Fixed an issue in Rule Editor where the correct executable file name was not properly located when adding certain applications.
  • Added support for Magic [Black|White] Lists, which appends additional criteria to the rule corresponding to the magic list based on decisions you make for an Ask rule.
  • Fixed an issue in GlowWorm.app plugin preferences where the Load/Enable buttons were not always updated correctly.

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