[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2b6]

Released date: 2007.02.01

Revision number: 1749

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2b6.dmg.zip


Due to the lack of anonymous semaphores, it was previously impossible to run multiple instances of either GlowWorm.app or Menubar.app. Random sempahore names are now used, so, that should no longer be a limitation. However, running multiple instances of Menubar.app isn't advisable at this time.

There was a nasty deadlock issue which, thankfully, was subject to a timeout. This increased the GlowWorm startup time by five seconds. The code that was causing the deadlock issue was temporary code, so the finaly solution was simply implemented to resolve the issue. In particular, the user and groups are now retrieved via a call to the kernel extension, which forwards that request to glowwormd which obtaines the desired information from NetInfo and sends back it back along the same route. When the day comes that remote administration is supported, this feature will be necessary, because you will want to see the users/groups for the target machine, instead of the machine on which GlowWorm.app is running.


  • Improved error handling throughout Menubar.app.
  • Fixed a semaphore naming issue which prevented multiple instances of GlowWorm.app and Menubar.app from running simultaneously.
  • Fixed a slow-startup/deadlock issue related to retrieving NetInfo user/group lists.
  • Added support for retrieving user/group lists via the kernel extension thus brining us one step closer to support remote administration.
  • Fixed an issue where Menubar.app was assuming non-Lite when installing its event notification handler.
  • Fixed an issue where the kernel extension was not verifying that conn actions for new rules were supported by the installed license.

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