[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2b2]

Released date: 2007.01.19

Revision number: 1679

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2b2.dmg.zip


For paying customers (and those using a Demo version), there is now support for displaying the ethernet interface (lo0, en0, en1, etc.) corresponding to the socket connection, in the authorization alert dialog. This should be followed up by interface-specific rule support.

Added support for relative network names, which has been needed for some time. This feature is also not available for the Lite version. Instead of specifying an ip address or hostname for a rule connection, one can specify #localhost, #localnet, #remotenet. For mobile users in particular, this is handy, because the rules can be relative to the network that you are on, without having to specify the particular IP addresses - which change.

Added the first cut of Rule Action support. The one supported action is "display alert". For any rule, this rule action can be enabled, and a user-customizable alert can be specified, which will be displayed when that rule matches. The alert message text supports some special syntax so that relevant values (connection direction, endpoint addresses, etc.) can be included in the displayed message. Additionally, a rule can now have a None action, so that it can exist just for the purpose of alerting you, without having any effect.


  • Added Alert rule action support, which allows one to specify that an alert dialog (displaying a user-customizable message) should be displayed when the rule is matched.
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-answer feature was using the Remember setting from the previous authorization alert answer.
  • The auto-answer feature now ignores the Remember setting.
  • Updated kauth to use the vnode scope instead of fileop, so that it can eventually authorize and log all file events instead of just exec events.
  • Fixed another instance where port numbers were being displayed as negative numbers.
  • When creating a new rule, the first tab in the rule edit pane is now automatically selected.
  • Fixed a race condition that prevented the plugins from loading at startup under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the available rule actions were not properly reflecting the installed license.
  • Added support for relative network names.
  • Fixed a bug where 1.0.x registration codes were not properly recognized as Lite licenses.
  • Added support for displaying the interface name (en0, en1, etc.) in the authorization alert dialog.

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