[GlowWorm FW v1.5.2b1]

Released date: 2007.01.12

Revision number: 1654

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.2b1.dmg.zip


Finally accepted the fact that support for manipulating and controlling socket activity in the kernel is not as mature as it ought to be. Some Bad Things(tm) had to be done to improve connection support beyond what is officially supported. It's probably best to stick with 10.4.8 when using this version and subsequent versions.

Incoming connections can not be supported to the same degree that outgoing connections can. Rules can be created to Allow or Deny incoming connections, however, incoming connections may not evaluate to Ask. The portion of the kernel that deals with incoming connections seems to be single threaded, or hold some mutex that prevents other connections while it is blocked. So, Ask rules for incoming connections are ignored.


  • Fixed an issue in glowwormd where the last 'n' logging events were not always returned properly.
  • Fixed an issue in the framework where large port numbers were showing up as negative numbers.
  • Fixed an issue in the Application Monitor plugin where the application name was improperly wrapping.
  • Improved support for incoming connections in the Application Monitor.
  • Menubar app is now started as soon as GlowWorm.app receives confirmation that the kext is loaded instead of starting immediately.

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