[Downloading & Registration]

Where do I download GlowWorm FW? And how do I get my free registration code?

Please see the download page to obtain the latest version of GlowWorm FW and get your free registration code. Just complete the form and submit it. Your free registration code will be sent to the email address you provide within a few seconds.


How do I install GlowWorm FW

If you downloaded a .zip file, double-click it to decompress it. Now that you have a .dmg file, double click on that to mount the disk image. A new volume should appear and a new window should open in Finder.

Double-click on Installer.app to begin the installation process. An administrator password will be required to complete the installation. A dialog message will appear informing you of the success of the installation process.

After installation is complete, you can un-mount the volume. The .dmg and .zip files are no longer needed.

   [Running GlowWorm the First Time]

How do I start GlowWorm? and what can I expect when running GlowWorm the first time?

The installation process places GlowWorm.app in your Applications directory. Double-click on GlowWorm to start it.

The first time you run GlowWorm FW, you will need to install you registration code. If you purchased GlowWorm FW, you should have been given your registration code immediately after the purchase and it should also have been emailed to you. If you filled out the registration form to use GlowWorm FW Lite, your registration code should have been emailed to you as well. If you have not yet done either, then go here.

When running GlowWorm FW the first time, the registration installation window will appear. Copy and paste your registration code into this window, replacing the existing text. You should copy from (and including) the "--- start ---" line to (and including) the "--- stop ---" line.

Click the Verify & Install button. Your registration code will be verified and saved. The verification process can take several seconds. Be patience. Immediately after your registration code is saved, the Rule Editor plugin will load, and you will be presented with the default set of rules. GlowWorm FW is now installed and running. Explore the preferences. Familiarize yourself with the available rule options.

   [Upgrading from 1.5.x]

How do I upgrade to a new registration code?

If you downloaded GlowWorm FW and used a Lite or Demo registration code and now you would like to install a newly purchased registration code, you have two options. Choose one.

1. (a) Within GlowWorm.app choose the GlowWorm menu and then the Preferences menu item. Select the Registration tab. (b) Click the Refresh button to view your currently installed registration codes. (c) Click on your currently installed registration code and click the Delete button. (d) Click Add New... and copy-and-paste your new registration code. Click Verify & Install. (e) Finally, select the Disable GlowWorm FW option from the GlowWorm menu and quit GlowWorm.app and Menubar.app. Double-click on GlowWorm.app and you're ready to go.

2. If the GlowWorm system is disabled and the GlowWorm.app and Menubar.app applications are not running, then you can simply delete the file found at:

  /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/RegCodes/glowworm.gwregc.

The next time you start GlowWorm.app, it will prompt you for a registration code. Copy-and-paste your new registration code and you're ready to go.

   [Upgrading from 1.0.x]

How do I upgrade to 1.5.x from 1.0.x?

If you have not un-checked the Unload Kernel Extension on Quit checkbox in the Preferences for GlowWorm FW Lite, then you can simply run the Installer.app after quitting GlowWorm. All done.

If you have un-checked the Unload Kernel Extension on Quit checkbox in the Preferences for GlowWorm FW Lite, and you have not rebooted since last running GlowWorm FW Lite, then the kernel extension is still loaded. Follow one of these sets of instructions:

  1. Run the currently installed GlowWorm FW Lite.
  2. Open the Preferences window (File -> Preferences).
  3. Check the Unload Kernel Extension on Quit checkbox.
  4. Quit GlowWorm FW Lite.
  5. Run the new Installer.app that came with v1.5.x.


  1. Quit GlowWorm FW Lite.
  2. Run sudo /sbin/kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/GlowWorm.kext.
  3. Run the new Installer.app that came with v1.5.x.


  1. Reboot (which unloads the kernel extension).
  2. Run the new Installer.app that came with v1.5.x.

If you have any problems are questions, please visit the forum.


How do I uninstall GlowWorm FW?

An uninstaller is included and installed with GlowWorm FW. It can be found here: /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/Utilities/Uninstaller.app. Double-click it to begin the uninstallation process. You will be prompted for an administrator password. The uninstallation process should only take a second.

Uninstallation can not proceed if GlowWorm FW is active. To de-active GlowWorm FW, click on the GlowWorm -> Disable GlowWorm FW menu option is GlowWorm.app, or click on the Disable GlowWorm FW menu option under the menubar icon near the top-right of your screen.

The GlowWorm FW system is not necessarily inactive just because all of the GlowWorm FW applications are no longer running. By default, GlowWorm.app will disable the system when it quits. If you changed this default behavior in the preferences, then you will need to manually tell it to disable as described above.

As a last result, you can disable GlowWorm FW from the command line. First, quit both GlowWorm.app and Menubar.app. Then run:

  sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/symphonic.glowworm.*
  sudo /sbin/kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/GlowWorm.kext

If that final command reports success, then the GlowWorm FW system is no longer active.

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