[GlowWorm FW v1.5.3b5]

Released date: 2007.03.xx

Revision number: xxxx

Coming Soon


The customer is always right, right? The single most requested feature, aside from "make it stop causing kernel panics", is the removal of the need to provide the admin password "so often" (ie, when starting and stopping the app - so, most likely, when you log in and when you log out). Anyway, there is now a "Bless" button in the GlowWorm.app preferences in the new "Security" tab, which would be more appropriately labeled, "Convenience" or "Anti-Security". Anyway, heed the stern warning, click the button, restart the app, and you're all set. May the programming gods have mercy on my soul. This feature is not available in GlowWorm FW Lite.

The SocketMonitor is the latest plugin under development. It allows one to view all of the open (or recently closed) sockets in an iTunes-like browse interface. Specifically (in early builds) it allows one to narrow the socket list based on the application name and the user account associated with the process that created the socket. No release date to be announced at this time.

GlowWorm FW now features support for connected UDP sockets. A connected UDP socket differs from a non-connected UDP socket in that it has called connect() and specified a remote endpoint for the socket. A UDP socket does not have to be connected. Non-connected UDP sockets are not yet supported.

Added a command line tool, sockets, which provides access to application/socket information for the running system. Running sockets with -a will cause it to print all of the existing socket information and -f will cause it to never terminate and print socket state changes as they occur. This utility can be used to implement widgets or other programs that want to take advantage of application/socket state information.

When creating a custom message via a Rule Action, the keywords %application% and %fullpath% are now supported. The former will give the executable name, or if the executable is part of a .app bundle then it will give the bundle name while the latter will give the full path to the executable.


  • Added support for "blessing" the applications to remove the need for the admin password prompts.
  • Fixed an issue where a GlowWorm::pidToPathDaemon debug print statement was not disabled for the release build.
  • Started work on the SocketMonitor plugin for viewing all open (or recently closed) sockets in an iTunes-like browse interface.
  • Added support for connected UDP sockets.
  • Fixed an issue where GlowWorm.framework was deserializing the protocol field for a socket message into the 'proto' key, but the accessor method was using the 'protocol' key. Standardized on 'proto'.
  • Added a command line tool, sockets, that shows application/socket information for the running system.
  • Added support for the %application% and %fullpath% keywords in Rule Action alerts.

   [Known Issues]

  • Identifying the ethernet interface for a socket connection is only working for localhost and local network destinations.
  • GlowWormMB.app crashes due to geocoding sometimes; it can safely be disabled (in the menubar preferences panel) until this issue is resolved.
  • RuleEditor has a drawing issue in the rules table, which can be worked around by simply selecting any rules that do not draw completely, or hiding GlowWorm.app and bringing it back to the front.

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