[GlowWorm FW v1.5.3b4]

Released date: 2007.03.09

Revision number: 1919

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.3b4.dmg.zip


Added support for the application name in the logging system. The application name also shows up in the rule editor Logging tab when previewing the log entries. When adding the application name to the already crowded log preview tab, there is nowhere near enough horizontal room, so the columns are now resizable.

Rule changes made within sixty seconds (the rule-save increment) of shutting down GlowWorm, were not being saved. This has been fixed.

If one selected "Disable GlowWorm FW" from the Menubar.app menu, GlowWorm.app was not receiving that message, and thus never disconnecting from the kext, and thus the shutdown process would never complete successfully. Got that fixed.

Added Growl notification support to Rule Actions. Thus, if you have Growl installed, and are using the Rule Action Notification feature in GlowWorm FW, a Growl notification will be displayed instead of the rather ugly and cumbersome OS X dialog box.

Finally, hopefully, the kernel panic issue that seemed to largely effect dual-proc G5 machines is finally laid to rest. The issue turned out to be related to TrueDNS packet parsing, and specifically for responses for "login.yahoo.com" requests, which does some funky infinite recursion if it is parsed without any explicit infinite recursion checking. Really annoying. Fixed.

Fixed a dead-lock issue between glowwormd and the kernel extension. Get this: let's say you have a rule with a host name specification. When you start GlowWorm, glowwormd might do a gethostbyname() and thanks to TrueDNS, the kernel extension will capture the DNS response, and thanks to preliminary UDP support (coming soon!), the kernel extension will also see the socket used to send/recv the DNS question/answer, and it will try to determine the executable path associated with the process that created the socket, which happens to be a task accomplished through glowwormd, whose primary request processing thread is blocked waiting for the DNS answer. Anyway, it's all fixed now.


  • Added the application name to the logging system and the rule editor logging preview table.
  • Fixed a rule-save issue apparent at GlowWorm shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue in GlowWorm.app where a disable message was not being received.
  • Added Growl notification support to Rule Actions.
  • Fixed a kernel panic issue having to do with TrueDNS packet parsing.
  • Fixed an issue where the data being sent to the StreamMonitor was sometimes truncated.
  • Added support for clearing the buffer on a per-socket basis in the StreamMonitor plugin.
  • Added support for per-socket buffer size limits (in megabytes) in the StreamMonitor plugin.
  • Added support for Packets registration codes, which are now for sale.
  • Fixed a kernel panic issue having to do with udp4 data send/recv.
  • Fixed a possible null-pointer dereference in the kernel extension in bignum_cmp().
  • Fixed a dead-lock issue that could occur between glowwormd and the kernel extension.
  • Removed editable flag on the Registration and Plugin tables in GlowWorm.app preferences.

   [Known Issues]

  • Identifying the ethernet interface for a socket connection is only working for localhost and local network destinations.
  • GlowWormMB.app crashes due to geocoding sometimes; it can safely be disabled (in the menubar preferences panel) until this issue is resolved.
  • RuleEditor has a drawing issue in the rules table, which can be worked around by simply selecting any rules that do not draw completely, or hiding GlowWorm.app and bringing it back to the front.

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