[GlowWorm FW v1.5.3b3]

Released date: 2007.03.06

Revision number: 1883

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.3b3.dmg.zip


There has been a long-standing issue with the registration system, where very, very few registration codes simply would not validate. The problem had to do with the base-64 encoding, and the addition of an extra line return when the base-64 output was an even multiple of the line width. Ridiculous. That's fixed.

When updating a rule while the DataMonitor was running, a zero-update stat message would be sent to it (and any other stat handlers), as though stats were enabled for that rule - when in fact they were not. But this would cause the DataMonitor plugin to display a new monitor window for that rule. And they'd continue to accumulate. Anyway, that's fixed.

And the big news is this: the StreamMonitor plugin and the Packets module are here and ready to be used. Or tested, anyway. The StreamMonitor plugin is bundled with GlowWorm, and both GlowWorm FW and GlowWorm FW Lite have the Packets features enabled during the first hour of operation. So, with the StreamMonitor and Packets module, one can enable streaming on a rule, and all sockets that match on that rule will send all of the data to the StreamMonitor plugin, which will organize and display that data, along with the endpoint ip addresses and port numbers plus a bunch of other information. Very useful tool for debugging network protocols, etc.

An issue existed that caused kernel panics under dual-processor G5s. It may have also manifested itself on dual-processor G4s, but we don't have such a machine to test on. The kernel panics can occur pretty quickly after starting GlowWorm, or may not happen for several hours. It is recommended that everyone upgrade to this latest beta; especially those running dual-processor G5s.


  • Fixed a couple minor issues in the kext; none likely to have caused panics, however.
  • Fixed an issue in the registration system.
  • Registration validation errors now print debug info to the console.
  • Fixed an issue when updating a rule, a zero-update stat message would be sent to the stat handlers, erroneously.
  • Fixed several minor issues with the authorization alert window.
  • Added support for the StreamMonitor plugin and Packets modules.
  • Fixed a kernel panic issue for dual-processor G5s.

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