[GlowWorm FW v1.5.1b8]

Released date: 2006.12.31

Revision number: 1559

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.1b8.dmg.zip


Prior to this release, GlowWorm.app functioned as a self-repairing installer, checking for and installing files when started. And that worked for a while. With the massive reorganization of files, and the move back to launchd, this is no longer possible, so now there's a nifty little installer. Double-click, type in your password, and its done.

Also, prior to this point, there were not that many files that were installed extern to the GlowWorm.app bundle. The GlowWorm.framework, for instance, was in the GlowWorm.app bundle. However, that means that all other applications that need that framework must know where GlowWorm.app is installed. If the user moves it, everything breaks. Not ideal. So, the framework and other files are now installed in /Library/Application Support/GlowWorm/.

With all this in place, it is now possible to have load-at-boot support, which has been added.


  • Added launchd support for glowwormd and pid2pathd.
  • Added support for loading the system at boot time.
  • Added an installer.
  • Moved all of the supporting files out of the application bundle and into the Application Support directory, thereby reducing the installation size.
  • Fixed an issue in the Rule Editor where direction, protocol and endpoint restrictions were not properly reflected when editing a rule.

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