[GlowWorm FW v1.5.1b7]

Released date: 2006.12.28

Revision number: 1552

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.1b7.dmg.zip


This release adds support for adding rules which can affect socket listener creation and incoming connections (for listeners created after the kernel extension was loaded - that's just the way it has to work).

With listener connections, a rule can evaluate to Ask, but that is not the case with incoming connections, for which the rules must specify either Allow or Deny.


  • Added kernel support for rules pertaining to the creation of socket listeners, including the ability to evaluate to an Ask, resulting in an Alert dialog.
  • Added support for rules pertaining to incoming connections, but this can not evaluate to an Ask.
  • Fixed an issue in the kernel extension whereby ip addresses in rules were sometimes ignored during rule evaluation.
  • Fixed an issue in the Application Monitor plugin to better support connections pertaining to processes without a known executable.
  • Added support in the Alert dialog for showing the process owners uid, username and real name based off the local NetInfo database.
  • Added support in the Menubar app for adding/removing it from the login items for the current user.
  • Added support in the Rule Editor for viewing the rule creation date, last match date and match count in the rule edit panel.
  • Improved application perfomance by adding an additional thread to the transaction processor in the framework.

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