[GlowWorm FW v1.5.1b5]

Released date: 2006.12.22

Revision number: Unknown

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.1b5.dmg.zip


This release includes some new features that were not intended until v1.5.2, but since testing feedback had not been received yet on some unrelated features, we went ahead and added some more. Probably not a wise idea for getting to a stable release. Oh well.

Added support for limiting rules by user and group. NetInfo is used for this purpose. When GlowWorm is started, it queries NetInfo and retrieves a complete list of all of the local users and groups. These lists are used to populate the tables in the rule edit panel. The kernel honors the user/group specifications when evaluating rules. This feature is not available for Lite users.


  • Completely re-designed rule edit panel (is now tabbed).
  • Rules can now limit scope by user ids and group ids.
  • Updated glowwormd and pid2pathd now more studiously determine whether another instance is running.
  • Fixed an issue with reaping pids from glowwormd and pid2pathd.
  • Fixed various issues regarding upgrading rules.
  • Fixed various issues that prevented rules from loading properly.

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