[GlowWorm FW v1.5.1b1]

Released date: 2006.12.17

Revision number: 1516

Download link: GlowWorm-1.5.1b1.dmg.zip


This is the first public release of the v1.5.x branch, and is alo the first release since Aug 30. The v1.0.x branch was successful in many ways, but there were several fundamental shortcomings that would not allow for development to proceed in the direction it will ultimately need to be going.

Specifically, with rule evaluation taking place in the user app in 1.0.x, there were many things that could not be ultimately accomplished, and it also made bypassing the system as easy as killing off that process. Security would have been a constant and losing battle, indefinitely. Thus the 1.5.x branch brings rule evaluation into the kernel. This complicates the code in the kernel, but the increase in speed and efficiency as well as capabilities more than makes up for it.

Basically committed nothing to subversion between Sep 5 and Dec 7. Overhauled, to say the least. Alright, so there was a lengthy vacation and several other things going on during that time. So, its not as bad as it sounds.


  • Re-design; maintained large parts of the gui; largely re-wrote the kernel extension.

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