Symphonic Systems, Inc. was founded in September, 2002 and creates highly-customized data management, security and communication solutions including software development, hardware management and consulting. Symphonic Systems extended its portfolio of successful projects with the release of GlowWorm FW for Mac OS X in August, 2006 and continues to extend its flagship product with new and innovative security features.    [Forum]

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If all goes well, in a couple of days the Google Bot will re-index this page, it'll find the words Scott Adams and Dilbert, it'll trigger Mr. Adams' saved search query and send this page to his left-front pocket (if I recall correctly); at the very least, it will go to his Blackberry, whether it is in his left-front pocket or not; and the whole Blackberry thing is the more important detail. Now I just have to remember to watch the http referrer logs.

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